Who We Are

Dhanak of Humanity is a not-for-profit organization comprising of interfaith couples, inter-caste couples, and individuals who believe in Dhanak’s cause. Founded by a few interfaith couples, Dhanak began as a support group in 2004. It was registered in 2012 under the Societies Registration Act.


Dhanak has evolved organically, and over the years it has emerged as a Champion organization working for an individual’s Right to Choose in matters of Marriage or Relationships, against religious conversion for the sake of marriage, against Honour-Based Crimes, and against Forced Marriages in India. Dhanak’s unique footing, passion, and experience drive the core team.


Dhanak is the only organization in India working on a spectrum of issues and challenges faced by interfaith and inter-caste couples, LGBTQIA couples, and individuals who choose to assert their autonomy.


Over the years, Dhanak has touched the lives of over 5000 individuals. Dhanak’s expertise has developed because of learnings based on real-life experiences of struggling couples; be it dealing with their own value system and stereotypes, their families, or with the administration and legal systems.

Dhanak’s members volunteer to support new couples and families whenever and with all possible means.
Dhanak of Humanity

Our Story

Dhanak is an Urdu word for the rainbow – a beautiful yet rare phenomenon. Similarly, interfaith/caste marriages are uncommon in our society. Just as rich colours get together to complete a rainbow, we believe that the differences in our religious backgrounds are like different hues that only add to the richness of our lives. Not only can we co-exist, but we can also enhance the quality of our lives, thanks to the diversity that comes along with the differences in our religious identities.

Our journey began in 2005 when a few interfaith couples decided to get together with the intention to form a forum which we decided to name “Dhanak”. The idea was to help people with similar backgrounds come together and form a support structure for each other at a small group & individual level. More importantly, we wanted to counter the spread of communalism in the society.

We believe that differences in religious backgrounds bring with them some unique issues and experiences, and we understand these well. We are confident that there are many such people who believe strongly in our vision and wish to be a part of it and support it.

We invite all to join us as “Friends of Dhanak”. Dhanak also looks forward to being associated as “Networking Partners” with like-minded groups and organizations that share Dhanak’s overall perspective of universal peace & harmony.