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Are you in an interfaith, inter-caste, LGBTQIA relationship, or wish to remain single and are being pressured into a forced marriage?
Being in a relationship that is being opposed by the family/community can be extremely stressful and confusing. You have come to the right place to seek perspective and help.

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Are you a victim of honour-based abuse/crimes/violence?
Honour-Based Violence can take place before or after marriage/relationship.Here is a list of some of the signs of Honour-Based Violence: Physical Abuse, Psychological Pressure, Forced Marriage, Abortion, Abduction, House Arrest, Suicide, Honour Killing.

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Do you want to know how to get married without religious conversion?
Dhanak does not help couples who wish to have a religious conversion for the sake of marriage. Dhanak provides support to couples who opt for a court marriage. The Special Marriage Act allows two people to marry without having to change their religious identity. Find out details by contacting us.

Write to or call: +91-766-907-8683

Are you seeking a safe place for protection?
If you are facing serious threats to your life from your family or community, please contact us immediately.

Write to or call: +91-766-907-8683

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What We Do

Support To Aspiring Couples

  • Counselling & Guidance to Aspiring Couples
  • Legal Guidance and Aid to Aspiring Couples
  • Protection, Support, and Financial aid to Couples in need
  • Protection and Support of LGBTQIA couples on request by network organizations of CHAYAN
  • Facilitation for Marriage Solemnization & Registration

Services To Inter-religious/Caste Couples And Families

  • Registration and Solemnization under Special Marriage Act
  • Protection and Legal support for prevention of Honour based crimes and safety
  • Reconciliation with Parents
  • Facilitate stay at Government Safe House for Couples in Need of Protection
  • Linkage with Support Group for Counselling & Support
  • Perspective Building on issues related to interfaith & gender-just living and universal human values¬† and Support System
  • Volunteering Opportunity


  • Individual’s Right to Choose
  • Against Honour-Based Crimes and Forced Marriage
  • Marriage without Religious Conversion
  • Gender Equality in Relationships
  • Awareness on Provisions under the Civil Marriage (Special Marriage Act)
  • For Austerity Measures in Marriage and Celebrations


  • Amendment of the Special Marriage Act and changes in State Rules
  • Demand for an Act against Honour-Based Crimes
  • Demand for Safe Homes for Couples for Security and Protection
  • CHAYAN: A consortium of organizations working on Right to Choose, convened by Dhanak
  • Forum of Parents and responsible citizens for intervention in mixed cases


  • Collection of secondary and primary data related to marriage from different states of India
  • Collection of secondary data related to incentives given to mixed marriages by state governments.

Videos regarding Safe Home information and testimonials of couples who received support:

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