Dhanak of Humanity makes a sincere and urgent appeal to all leaders to invest in safeguarding our pluralistic and secular nature by making those spreading hatred and advocating violence accountable for their hate speeches

Two recent events have been of utmost concern for all who believe in humanity and non-violence. One by the Dharma Sansad, at Haridwar December 17-19, and the other event held by the Hindu Yuva Vahini in Delhi on December 19. Both the events have endorsed violence against religious minorities and called for a Muslim Genocide. The alarming thoughts expressed at the events to wipe out a particular community for achieving a Hindu nation go against the conscience of our country that prides itself in being a secular and democratic state.

At Dhanak of Humanity, a not-for-profit organization supporting individuals who wish to exercise their constitutional right to choose whom to marry or live with, these events are cause for deep concern. The atmosphere is, unfortunately, having secular couples think twice about their life choices, though as citizens, they can rightfully seek and expect support and protection from law enforcement, the judiciary, and the state. It is indisputable that individuals belonging to any religious minority also have the Right to Life, Liberty, and Security (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 3).

Dhanak of Humanity condemns the provocative statements and violent acts by organizations and religious leaders, including other faiths, in unequivocal terms. We humbly urge all leaders to immediately and forcefully call for peace and unity. Let us recall and reaffirm that our strength and richness are in our diversity and inclusiveness. At this moment, we should also recollect the wisdom of our religious leaders and public figures who have called for unity, non-violence, and peace throughout the history of this country. Let humanity prevail.

We end our heartfelt appeal with this mantra: (Source: The Spirit of Vedanta)

The one who loves all intensely

begins perceiving in all living beings

a part of himself.

He becomes a lover of all,

a part and parcel of the Universal Joy.

He flows with the stream of happiness

and is enriched by each soul.

(Yajur Veda, one of the four Vedas, and one of the scriptures of Hinduism)

(Published in countercurrents.org on 02/01/2022)