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A proud moment for Dhanak!


Shabana Siddiqui, Ranu Kulshrestha and Asif Iqbal receiving a memento from the Department of Social Works, Delhi University after students orientation on the issues of RTC (Right to Choice in Marriage/Alliance) #RightToChoice #RightToLove #Chayan

Enjoy some pictures from the latest solidarity visit by Dhanak in June, 2015!

At Neeraj and Javed's residence

Asif Iqbal: We had a great meeting and food yesterday at Neeraj & Javed ji’s residence. Thanks to Kashifa, Rajeev, Shabana, Anwar, Himani, Savita Ji for participation n special thanks to the  hosts Neeraj and Javed ji.

June/2015 visit by Dhanak

Neeraj Mallik: It was very nice to meet  all of you who came for the meeting yesterday. Dhanak, I feel, is an important and much needed initiative and can and does contribute to social change in its own way besides providing support and solidarity to inter-faith couples.

June/2015 visit by Dhanak

Solidarity Visit at Interfaith Couples Homes

DHANAK members have begun to pay a social visit to interfaith couples on the 2nd or 4th Saturday of each month.

The monthly visits are planned with the following objectives:

  • To build a personal rapport with the couples.
  • To extend solidarity to the couple in case they are facing social isolation after its marital alliance.
  • To ensure participation of one of the couples who is either shying away or avoiding discussions related to identity based issues.
  • To build a platform for mutual perspective building on potential issues of disputes.

Here are some highlights of our social visit 24TH APRIL 2015. Our two couples were: Akansha, Shoaib, Tanesha and Babulal


Rajeev, Kashifa, Tanesha, Babulal, Kavita, Shabana, Yusra, Rajesh, Akansha, Shoaib, Ranu, Asif, Raavi, Riya

Meeting Highlights:

1. The existing situation of the new couples was discussed in length.

2. Akansha and Shoaib narrated their way of dealing with the pressures from their respective

families after their clandestine inter-faith marriage.

3. Similarly, the situation of Tanesha and Babulal, an inter-caste couple from Rajasthan was

discussed in length. They were advised the following:

  • To avoid any contacts from their family or relatives.
  • To avoid visit to their native place till one year
  • To find a suitable job as soon as possible. Babulal was also asked to prepare a CV for possible assistance from the group.

4. Akansha and Shoaib offered to host the next solidarity home visit at Gurgaon which was accepted by the participants.

5. Solo/duet songs were sung by the participants

6. The meeting ended after a dinner


Dhanak is evolving and is now on much firmer footing – all thanks to our spirited volunteers.

We are a support group for people in inter-faith/caste marriages/alliance and an advocacy group to address issues related to such an alliance.

More specifically we see DHANAK as

A space where people can share their personal experiences related to having a spouse from a different religious identity than their own. Through sharing we can learn how to deal effectively with some of the interesting challenges that such a marriage poses.

A group that can provide relevant information to people wishing to enter an inter-faith / caste marriage – the how of it.

A group that addresses stereotypes, myths, and misconceptions that exist in our society associated with inter-faith / caste marriages. Also address the fears and apprehensions of parents.

A group that holds dialogue and discussions about communalism, religious intolerance and related issues.

A group advocating for policy/legislative changes required to overcome some technical obstacles faced in inter-faith / caste marriages, related to children and their religious identity.

SAHAS 2015 Highlights

The focus of the event was a rally held against honour killing. More than 10 organisations working on human rights from Delhi, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Odisha participated in the march. The tribute to the victims of honour killing was paid by some distinguished social activists like Sehba Farooqui, Shabnam Hashmi, Swami Agnivesh, Anil Chaudhary, and Vikash Narain Rai.

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साहस 2015 – Strengthening Alliances for Humanity and Secularism

Celebrating Diversity on February 14, 10:00 AM – 8:30 PM

For Promotion of Love, Peace and Humanity – Beyond Man-Made Boundaries

Annual Confluence of Interfaith/Caste Couples & Friends

National Council of YMCAs of India

At Gate # 5, 1 Jai Singh Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi (Near Jantar Mantar)

We can’t afford to leave love, peace and humanity to be defined by those who are against it. Let’s not delay in showing our solidarity for the values we stand for!

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