A People’s fund for Ankit Saxena’s family

Dear friends,

After #AnkitSaxena’s honour killing in Delhi, DHANAK visited his family and realised the immediate need for moral and financial support. Ankit was the sole provider for his family and now, the parents do not have the means to carry out their daily lives.

Learn more about Ankit, his family, and the tragedy

We appeal to all our friends and well-wishers to support the family in crisis and need.

Over the last few weeks, a number of civil society groups and ordinary citizens have met Ankit Saxena’s family and they have decided to help Ankit’s family raise funds for this family. All contributions will go directly into Mr Saxena’s bank account.

Any amount – big or small – will help. 

The money raised will be handed over to the family on Ankit’s 24th Birthday on the 22nd of March, 2018.


Special Marriage Act- No Need To Dispatch Notice Of Intending Marriage At Couples’ Residence – Rajasthan

Special Marriage Act- No Need To Dispatch Notice Of Intending Marriage At Couples’ Residence – Rajasthan

A division bench of Rajasthan High Court —

“We concur with the reasoning of the learned Single
Judge of the Delhi High Court and thus dispose of the present
petition directing all Marriage Officers in the State of Rajasthan
not to despatch notices to the residence of the applicants who
seeks solemnization of their marriage under the Special Marriages Act, 1954.”

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SAMVAAD | संवाद

We are happy to announce our first release of  SAMVAAD | संवाद !

This English/Hindi booklet is an effort by the Dhanak Team to facilitate in the decision making process of couples entering an interfaith marriage.

It contains a List of Essentials that help couples approach their relationship objectively. A set of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) commonly posed by parents, along with Dhanak’s Responses, and a set of FAQs that young couples generally have, with Dhanak’s responses are also provided. Finally, a description of the Special Marriage Act and the answers to the many questions that are associated with it, are described.

Click here –> SAMVAAD | संवाद

Vivek tells his Story

Vivek, a first time participant in #SAHAS talks about the #RightToChoice  in Marriage and the issue of #ForcedMarriage in India. He urges everyone to participate in the #MeriZindagiMeraFaisla initiative by #Dhanak.

Unfortunately, Vivek is not with his partner today because of his partner’s parental pressure regarding the relationship. We thank Vivek for sharing his views despite the hardship he is going through. Thank you, Vivek.

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