Solidarity Visit at Interfaith Couples Homes

DHANAK members have begun to pay a social visit to interfaith couples on the 2nd or 4th Saturday of each month.

The monthly visits are planned with the following objectives:

  • To build a personal rapport with the couples.
  • To extend solidarity to the couple in case they are facing social isolation after its marital alliance.
  • To ensure participation of one of the couples who is either shying away or avoiding discussions related to identity based issues.
  • To build a platform for mutual perspective building on potential issues of disputes.

Here are some highlights of our social visit 24TH APRIL 2015. Our two couples were: Akansha, Shoaib, Tanesha and Babulal


Rajeev, Kashifa, Tanesha, Babulal, Kavita, Shabana, Yusra, Rajesh, Akansha, Shoaib, Ranu, Asif, Raavi, Riya

Meeting Highlights:

1. The existing situation of the new couples was discussed in length.

2. Akansha and Shoaib narrated their way of dealing with the pressures from their respective

families after their clandestine inter-faith marriage.

3. Similarly, the situation of Tanesha and Babulal, an inter-caste couple from Rajasthan was

discussed in length. They were advised the following:

  • To avoid any contacts from their family or relatives.
  • To avoid visit to their native place till one year
  • To find a suitable job as soon as possible. Babulal was also asked to prepare a CV for possible assistance from the group.

4. Akansha and Shoaib offered to host the next solidarity home visit at Gurgaon which was accepted by the participants.

5. Solo/duet songs were sung by the participants

6. The meeting ended after a dinner