SAHAS 2015

DHANAK is organising its annual event viz. SAHAS 2015 to celebrate “Right to Choice in Marriage and Relationship” on 14th February (Saturday) 2015. SAHAS is celebration of  freedom, love and gender equality in the name of universal peace and humanity. It is a strong reply to the man made differences in the name of faith/caste/sex/region/language etc.      

The day will witness sharing, discussions and reflections related to the issues of gender equality, legal, systemic, faith and caste based challenges to relationship based on innocent, natural and selfless feeling called LOVE. It will be followed by celebrating love and togetherness in various forms and cultural program in the evening.           

Children are life and their presence is a blessing. So, please do bring your children and other family members too. We ensure several activities for the young ones to keep them occupied during the entire day.

Friends not based in Delhi/NCR are requested to book their travel tickets accordingly and inform us about their travel plans so that we can make the necessary arrangements for your stay. They are requested to take care of their travel expenses. Arrangements for stay and food of outstation members will be taken care by DHANAK members based in Delhi and NCR.

Your presence during the entire day will strengthen our commitment for the cause. 

Asif Iqbal

Shabana Siddiqui