Dhanak of Humanity

Freedom to Choose a Partner is a Constitutional Right

Dhanak of Humanity

Forced Marriage is a Human Rights Violation

Dhanak of Humanity

Introduce a New Law Against Honour Based Crimes

Dhanak of Humanity

Implement Safe Homes in All States

We don’t know how to convince our parents…

Our lives are under threat, we need protection…

My parents are forcing me to marry…







Promote universal humanitarian values







Build a society based on gender equality







Promote the right to choose a partner







Promote secular values







Break Myths and Stereotypes







E-Promote our understanding

Dhanak’s Statistics

Religion of women who have contacted Dhanak:

73% – Hindu

22% – Islam

02% – Christian

02% – Sikh

01% – Buddhist

Religion of women in interfaith cases:

54% – Hindu

38% – Islam

04% – Christian

04% – Others

Inter caste and interfaith cases ratio: